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School-wide Expections

Students walking single file in front of classrooms

Positive Behavior Support

Coyote Trail implements a Positive Behavior Support System in which consistency of behavior will be expected throughout all parts of the school community.

Our school-wide expectations are:
We are safe, respectful, responsible, and we have fun!

The Coyote Trail PBIS program has validated the benefits of directly teaching students our expectations, and acknowledging appropriate behaviors. This has paid off with a significantly reduced number of discipline incidents on our campus. Go Trailblazers!

Expected Behaviors By Area (Under construction)

  Classroom Bus Playground
We are Safe
  • Keep walkways clear
  • FOUR on the floor
  • Follow directions
  • and routines
  • Walk at all times
  • Sit buckled in your assigned seat
  • Keep the aisles clear
  • Hands and feet to self
  • Hands and feet to self
  • Walk on the sidewalks
  • Use equipment carefully 
We are Respectful
  • Enter and exit quietly
  • Listen to directions
  • Use inside voice
  • Be tolerant
  • Be a positive role model
  • Listen to bus driver
  • Follow bus rules
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Patiently wait your turn
  • Use kind words
  • Ask permission to leave the playground
  • Include others in activities
  • Show good sportsmanship
We are Responsible
  • Be on time
  • Be ready to learn
  • Help others
  • Keep track of personal belongings
  • Keep track of personal belongings
  • Know your bus stop
  • Remind others to follow the rules
  • Line up when whistle blows
  • Walk quietly back to class
Life Skills
  • Be aware of how my movement in the classroom impacts others.
  • I will do my best to remember that my classmates have had different experiences, have varied family structures, and stressors.
  • I will remember that it is okay that others have different opinions from me and I will listen to understand. 
  • Make sure kind thoughts are spoken words
  • Come to class ready to learn with all of my materials and a charged Chromebook.
  • I will make sure my personal belongings are out of the aisle for others to pass by safely.
  • Use kind words
  • Be aware of others’ personal space
  • Consider consequences before making choices
  • Acknowledge and greet your bus driver and seat partner 
  • Recognize when you’re upset and make a decision to use a coping skill.
  • Use Kelso’s choices to help solve small problems. 
  • Get an adult to help with adult size problems
  • Play fair. It’s more fun to win when you follow the rules.
  • Wait my turn/be a good sport. 
  Walkway/Courtyard Cafeteria Digital Citizenship
We are Safe
  • Clear the courtyard after dismissal
  • Walk facing forward
  • Hands, feet, and materials to self
  • Stay on the sidewalk
  • Walk at all times
  • Sit appropriately at assigned tables
  • Hands and feet to self
  • Clean Hands
  • No food and drink
  • Visit school appropriate sites
We are Respectful
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Listen to adult directions
  • Listen to adult directions
  • Use indoor voice
  • Say please and thank  you
  • Keep your hands on your own lunch
  • Treat all equipment, wires and files with care
  • Return Chromebooks to designated area 
We are Responsible
  • Go directly to your destination
  • Wait for others to pass
  • Clear all trash in your area
  • Wait for dismissal directions
  • Work quietly
  • Complete all assigned tasks
  • Shut down correctly
  • Carefully transport device to and from school 
Life Skills
  • Use appropriate voice level.
  • Be a role model for others. 
  • Pick up litter, even if it’s not yours. 
  • Even if I’m in a hurry, I can walk at an appropriate pace.
  • Walk with purpose, slow, safe and in your space.
  • Wait your turn and be patient with workers.
  • Say “please” and “thank you”
  • Treat the cafeteria with care--it’s there for everyone to use!
  • Be mindful of what I post or how I respond to posts and how it could affect others. 
  • Speak up when I see something inappropriate online. 
  • Staying on correct/appropriate sites/apps
  • Check my feelings before I post. 
  • Re-read messages before I post.
  • Take a break from technology when needed.
  Front Office Health Office Assembly/Performances
We are Safe
  • Walk at all times
  • Alert adults when exiting after school
  • Hands and feet to self
  • Be patient
  • Cover your cough and sneeze
  • Enter and sit in designated areas
  • Hands and feet to self
We are Respectful
  • Use indoor voices
  • Leave things alone that don’t belong to you
  • Enter principal’s office only when invited in
  • Please put away cell phones
  • Use quiet voices
  • Honor privacy
  • Show empathy for others
  • Listen to adult directions
  • Respond/applaud appropriately
  • Silence electronic devices
We are Responsible
  • Wait patiently
  • Keep track of personal belongings
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Return to class in a timely manner
  • Hold/open doors for others
  • Keep track of belongings 
  • Exit in a timely and orderly manner
  • Return chairs to rack
Life Skills
  • Keep voices off or at a whisper so that others can continue to work without distraction
  • Be aware of who’s around you
  • Acknowledge and greet the Front Office Staff 
  • Wait patiently
  • Use appropriate voice level
  • Respect others’ privacy
  • Remember I may not always be chosen and that’s OK!
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of others. 
  • Listen to my body signals and use my coping  strategies if I need to calm down.  
  • Stay engaged with the presenter.
  Restrooms Library  
We are Safe
  • Walk at all times
  • Report problems to adults
  • Walk at all times
  • Follow directions and routines
  • Hands and feet to self
We are Respectful
  • Maintain privacy
  • Wait patiently
  • Use inside voice
  • Enter quietly
  • Use your whisper voice
  • Raise your hand and wait patiently
  • Be cautious with displays and projects
We are Responsible
  • Make sure the toilet flushes
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Throw trash in the bins
  • Return to class immediately
  • Return books on time and in good conditions
  • Use time wisely during checkout
  • Use shelf markers
  • Pick up after yourself
Life Skills
  • Use supplies and the area appropriately. 
  • Respect others and your own privacy in the bathroom.
  • Use appropriate voice level
  • Use your time wisely
  • Keep materials organized
  • Treat books as if you own them