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Bright Start Kindergarten

Kindergarten students talking on phone

Bright Start Talent Development (select schools)

Several schools in the Marana district offer a Bright Start Talent Development: Kindergarten - 2nd grade program. Aligned to the National Gifted Standards, this program is designed for children who are functioning well above their similar age peers. Students who are precocious or emergent readers and have strong foundations in math are excellent candidates. 

In this free full-day talent development program, children will be actively involved in their own learning through differentiated, project-based instruction. 

The kindergarten - 2nd grade curriculum in reading, writing, and mathematics will be taught at a brisk, accelerated pace. For example, letters and sounds will be reviewed briefly, and the children will begin reading and literacy instruction early. 

Science and social studies content will be enriched and covered more in depth than in typical kindergarten - 2nd grade classrooms. 

School locations:

Contact the school office for additional information and application.